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The John Frost Newspaper Archive has, for nearly 50 years, been an invaluable source in providing original newspapers and press cuttings to Researchers, Producers and Journalists in the Television and Film industry, Picture Researchers and Editors in the world of Magazines and Books, as well as Audio-Visual Presentations, Exhibitions, Advertising, or just Research purposes.

The Archive service commenced in 1964, having grown out of a hobby started by John Frost in the early 1930's. Throughout his wartime service and the decades since, he has avidly collected newspapers and has built a truly unique and remarkable archive of original newspapers and press cuttings from the UK and around the world.

The collection consists of 100,000 British and Overseas newspapers and periodicals, and 200,000 press cuttings reporting major and minor events from 1640 to the present day. In addition, vast numbers of in-depth files cover headlines relating to specialised themes. Whatever the subject matter, if it's headlines you need - call us!

Queen Elizabeth crowned, 1953
Bleriot's first cross channel flight,1909
Gagarin, first man in space, 1961
Man on the moon, 1969
Victory over Europe, 1945
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